Settlement Production

This sub-category refers to commercial agricultural and industrial production in settlements and settlement industrial zones. Settlement production benefits from low rents, special tax incentives, lax enforcement of environmental and labor protection laws, and other governmental supports.

Several settlements, especially those in the Jordan Valley region of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan, produce agricultural goods such as fruits and flowers and market these domestically and internationally. The origin of exported settlement products is often intentionally obscured and mislabeling practices are common.

Israeli industrial zones on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land consist of hundreds of companies, ranging from small businesses serving the local settler population to large factories that export their products worldwide. Palestinians employed in these industrial zones work under severe restrictions on movement and organizing and have hardly any governmental protections. This often results in exploitative employment practices and labor rights violations. Like their agricultural counterparts, manufacturers often attempt to obscure their settlement operations, using marketing addresses within the Green Line.