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1- Airbnb, Inc.

A publicly traded American company operating an online vacation rental platform. The company offers listings in over 220 countries...

2- Dona Engineering and Construction
דונה חברה לבנין והנדסה

A private Israeli construction and development company that initiates and carries out housing projects in settlements in the occup...

3- Modi'in Ezrachi
מודיעין אזרחי

A private Israeli security group that provides security and guarding, armed courier and patrol and surveillance services. The comp...

4- RE/MAX Holdings
רימקס אחזקות

An American multinational real estate company. The Israeli franchise - RE/MAX Israel, operates a licensed&n...

5- REMAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
(רימקס ישראל (אימפקט פיתוח נכסים

A private Israeli company that holds the Israeli franchise of the global US-based real estate brokerage network RE/MAX. The com...