Dor Alon Energy Israel (1988) Ltd.

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דור אלון אנרגיה בישראל (1988) בע"מ

A public Israeli gas and petroleum company. The company is engaged in the development, establishment and operation of gas stations and in the marketing of fuel products. The company provides fuels to institutional and airline customers. The company is also active in the field of retail food and restaurants. 

Dor Alon operates over 215 public gas stations and has commercial spaces adjacent to the fueling complexes that it leases to third parties.The company operates gas stations in settlements in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem.

Company gas stations are located in the settlements of Mevo Dotan, Alfei Menashe, Elkana, Beit Horon, Maaleh Adumim and Karnei Shomron in the occupied West Bank. The company has five gas stations in occupied East Jerusalem, including two stations in Atarot settlement Industrial Zone and one on Road 1 near the French Hill.

In addition, the company has gas stations in Shu’afat Palestinian neighborhood and near the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem.

The company also profits from the Palestinian captive market. In 2020, Dor alon signed a two year agreemet with the Palestinian Authority (PA) for the provision of fuel and liquifid petroleum gas. As of December 2021, Dor Alon provided 50 % of the PA's annual fuel consumption, making the PA its primary client for the amount of NIS 865 million. Dor Alon collects its payment from the Palestinian Tax revenue held by the Israeli government. As of end of 2021, the PA was in debt of NIS 383 million to Dor Alon. As of september 2022, the company increased its sale of fuel to the PA.

Involvement through subsidiaries:

Through its subsidiary, Alonit, a mini supermarket chain, the company operates two branches in occupied Paletsinian Territory. Alonit has a branch in Elkana in the occupied West Bank and one in Atarot Industrial Zone in occupied East Jerusalem.

Through its subsidiary, Burgerim, the company operates a restaurant in Ma'ale Adumim settlement in occupied West Bank and one in Katzrin settlement in occupied Syrian Golan.