Profiting through Dispossession: Another Side of Airbnb's Complicity

The update highlights Airbnb's overlooked complicity in the plunder of Palestinian refugee properties in 1948 territories (inside the "Green Line"). Additionally, it looks in detail at the company's decision to continue the listings of settlement properties.

The update exposes Airbnb's largely overlooked complicity in the plunder of Palestinian refugee properties that were occupied by Israel in 1948.  Looking closely at the Old City of Yafa [Jaffa], the report aims to highlight the ways in which Israel confiscated and controlled Palestinian properties, leading to their privatization. Israel has transformed properties into economic assets that benefit both the state and private actors, thus undermining Palestinians' legally enshrined Right of Return. Serving as a platform for showcasing the homes that once belonged to Palestinians, Airbnb plays a role in strengthening the Israeli hold over Palestinian refugee properties.

Commodified refugee properties in Yafa can now be listed on platforms such as Airbnb. As the report shows,  "In serving as a platform for these properties, as well as those in settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, Airbnb is profiting from the ongoing dispossession of Palestinians.”

Additionally, the report considers in detail the reversal of Airbnb’s decision to discontinue the listing of properties in West Bank settlements.