Exploitation of Occupied Production and Resources

This sub-category refers to the exploitation of occupied Palestinian and Syrian natural resources and production by Israeli and multinational corporations.

From the earliest moments of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory, Israeli exploitation of Palestinian natural resources served as the backbone for the development of the occupation economy. Using various methods including land appropriation, building restrictions, closure policies, and the continuous pillage of occupied land, the Israeli regime has woven a tangled web of military laws and economic policies that serve its own geopolitical interests while keeping the Palestinian economy in a perpetual state of de-development and subordination to the Israeli economy.

Palestinian and Syrian water resources are exploited and appropriated for the benefit of Israeli citizens on both sides of the Green Line. An increasing number of solar and wind energy farms in the West Bank and the Syrian Golan facilitate extensive land grabs and the further use of occupied resources. The exploitation of minerals and stone quarries in the West Bank strips the Palestinian economy of billions of dollars each year.

Israeli and international companies pay below market price for Palestinian products because Palestinian producers are restricted to selling to companies that can cross Israeli checkpoints or borders. They also profit from the restricted flow of goods coming in and out of the occupied Palestinian territory, and accumulate profits from the hindrances placed on Palestinian trade movement.