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טיירק בע"מ

A private Israeli company specializing in the recycling of tires.

Tyrec operates the biggest facility in Israel for the recycling of tires, located in the Shahak (Shaked) Industrial Zone in the northern West Bank. Tyrec's formal address indicates that it is based in the Shahak Industrial Park, but locates it in Katzir-Harish, a local council within the green line, thereby misleading the public about the factory's whereabouts on occupied land.

The company collects used oil from over 700 garages in Israel and in the West Bank. Its factory processes 8 tons of tires waste in one hour and produces rubber flakes from which the company manufactures various rubber products. These products are later marketed to different industries, such as stepping surfaces, traffic equipment, etc. These products are used in an Israeli army base within the green line.

The company's factory in the Shahak Industrial Zone was used as collateral for a loan that Igud Bank provided the company in 2010.