Keter Plastic (Keter Group)

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(כתר פלסטיק (קבוצת כתר

Manufactures and markets plastic furniture, household and garden products. Keter operates a factory in the settlement's industrial zone of Barkan in the West Bank.

During 2014, in response to queries by several European NGOs, the company claimed that Keter "does not own any facility or operation in what the UN defines as the occupied territories". Who Profits is currently verifying this claim.

On 21 March 2014, Who Profits' research team documented two Keter trucks parking in the yard of a factory in Barkan. The trucks in the factory's closed yard were spotted on a weekend, when the site was inactive. The fact that Keter trucks were parking in the yard for the whole weekend reinforces the connection of company to the Barkan site.