Yamit Filtration and Water Treatment (Formerly: Yamit E.L.I.)
ימית סינון וטיפול במים

Head office: 70 Sha'ar Efraim, 42835 D.N. Lev Hasharon Tel: +972- 9 878 1758 www.yamit-f.com

The company develops, designs and produces water treatment, waste-water treatment and filtration devices for industry, agriculture and private users.

The company’s plant is located in Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

The company employs Palestinian workers in exploitative conditions. According to Kav Laoved – an Israeli NGO committed to protecting labor rights, the workers in the factory suffer from violations of health and safety regulations. Consequently, some of them were injured in work accidents along the years. In addition, workers salaries’ were lower than the minimum wage and they did not benefit from the social rights prescribed by Israeli labor law.

The company was theoretically compelled to abide a 2007 ruling by the Israeli High Court of Justice, which applied the Israeli labour law to Palestinians working in West Bank settlements. However, in the last three years the company has been arguing in the Israeli Labor Court that the legal framework governing the West Bank is the outdated Jordanian Law (1967) and this in order to avoid granting equal rights to its Palestinian and Israeli workers.