Yamit Filtration and Water Treatment ימית סינון וטיפול במים

Head office: 2 Hahermon St., Tnuvot industrial zone, 42830 Tel: +972-9-8781758 www.yamit-f.com

Industrial Zone

The company provides filtration solutions, serving engineering firms, industrial corporations and governments worldwide.

The company operates a plant in Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.

The company employs around 75 Palestinian workers from Tulkarem area. In 2020 and 2021, the workers went on a strike to struggle against the exploitative working conditions in the plant, as those who have been working in the factory for over 20 years are still getting paid minimum wage despite their seniority, and workers are denied basic rights, such as pension funds and convalescence fees. All of which is in violation of their rights under Israeli labour law and violate international labour regulations. In a letter to the representative of Ma’an- Workers` Association, the president of the factory stated that “the land of Israel belongs to the Israeli people, and [he] won’t allow a Palestinian worker to be attached to the state of Israel in any way possible”.



The company is owned by Talmi Ofer through Tamli Ofer Holdings and Investments Ltd.


In 2019, the company signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for North America and Mexico with Toro Company. The agreement makes Toro the sole supplier of Yamit’s solutions for agriculture and greenhouse irrigation in USA, Canada and Mexico.

According to the company’s website, it provides filtration solutions to companies and local government across Europe. These include:

The provision of mobile containerized in & out plug drinking water system for the supply of 3300 m3 of clean water per day in Ezulwini valley, Swaziland. The company also implemented a project for the local government of Simunye, Swaziland, for the establishment of a water treatment plant providing 1200 m3/h of clean water for domestic use.

In Belgium the company provided automatic hydraulic filters to an industrial site for the filtration of canal water for cooling towers, operated by SADACI N.V. Automatic hydraulic filters for water treatment plant operated by Tamico; automatic hydraulic self-cleaning filters for a cooling tower in a Veolia run facility in Belgium; and filters for the Belgian company Palm Breweries to remove suspended solids.

The company also provided filters to be installed in BP’s plant in the UK.

The company provided filtration of cooling water and UV protection solution for Hortimax, Netherlands. Hortimax is part of the Canadian Ridder Group.

The company provided products for a water desalination plant near Limassol, Cyprus, operated by the company M.N. Limassol Water co. LTD.

Drip irrigation filiteration solutions for a reservoir of water in Marmolejo, Spain.

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