Tnuva Groupקבוצת תנובה

Head office: POB 33, Ramat Hasharon 4710001

A manufacturer and distributer of dairy, poultry and meat products. The company markets its products through several major brands: dairy products (Emek, Yoplait, Pireus), eggs and frozen vegetable products (Sunfrost), refrigerated and frozen poultry products (Mama Of), frozen pastry products (Maadanot), meat (Adom Adom) and fish. The company is also the largest Israeli supplier of eggs and poultry.

The company is one of the biggest corporations in the Israeli dairy and food industry, holding more than 50% of the local dairy market. The raw material Tnuva uses for its products comes partially from Beit Yatir and Carmel Maon farms, both of which are located in two settlements in the West Bank: The settlement of Beit Yatir is situated near Hebron city and the settlement of Carmel is situated south-east of Hebron. Carmel’s farm holds 500 cows and manufactures almost 6 million liter of milk annually. The videos below, taken on (dates) follow the journey of the dairy trucks from these settlements in the occupied West Bank to the main factory of Tnuva in the city of Rehovot within the Green Line.

This activity is taking place despite of the recent EU ban on settlements’ dairy, poultry and animal products that was announced in August 2014 and declared enforceable from January 2015 onwards. According to this specific decision, the EU no longer recognizes the authority of Israeli inspection agencies over the pre-1967 lines, without such an inspection the dairy products from those areas [including occupied East Jerusalem and the Golan] cannot be distributed in EU states.

The company also profits from a Palestinian captive market, making around USD 52 million annually from its sales of dairy products to the West Bank and Gaza. In fact, the company imports 200 tons of products into the Gaza Strip and distributes its products to 1,700 different stores daily.


Major shareholders: The Chinese Bright Food Company (76%), Kibutzim Agricultural Orgnizations such as Meshek Zemach and Meshek Miluet (23.3%).

CEO: Aric Shor
President: Ben Heng Go (Former CEO of Bright Dairy).


Bright Dairy, a publically traded subsidiary of Bright food functions as the actual controlling owner of Tnuva.

In 2014, Tnuva’s income reached NIS 6.8 billion. The company holds more than 55% of the Israeli dairy industry. The company is also the biggest Israeli supplier of poultry, as in 2010 it held a 51% share of the Israeli market with revenues of NIS 311 million.

All the information contained in this page is valid until Sat 20/06/2015