T&M Protection Resources Holdings Israel (T&M Israel)
טי אנד אם פרוטקשין ריסורסס החזקות ישראל

7 La-Guardia St. Tel Aviv 6761315, Israel Tel: +972-3-6376900

A private Israeli service supplier active in the fields of security, central monitoring and low-voltage, cleaning and maintenance and outsourcing. The company is an independent business arm of the US-based company T&M Protection Resources.

In 2019, the company was awarded an Israeli police tender for operating nine checkpoints located in the area annexed to Jerusalem by the Wall (“Jerusalem Envelope”). The checkpoints are: a-Sheikh Sa’ed, a-Sawahrah, a-Za’ayem, Mazmuriyeh, Ein Yael, The Tunnels, Anata (Ring Road), Checkpoint 300 (Rachel) and a-Zaitun. The services provided include installing security guards and providing a logistical and administrative envelope in accordance with the Israeli police’s technical specifications.

In occupied East Jerusalem, the company won a tender issued by Ministry of Construction and Housing (“Tender 4.2016 for the Provision of Security and Guarding Services in Compounds in East Jerusalem”). The tender is divided into three geographic areas: the Old City, City of David (a settler compound in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan) and Mount of Olives; T&M was selected to provide security, guarding and escort services to settlers in two of the three: the Old City and Mount of Olives.

Services include guarding homes, shops, structures and tourist sites, guarding yeshivas, kindergartens and other educational facilities, escorting settlers on foot and in vehicles, operating a command and control center in the Old City, as well as in Mount of Olives, operating electronic emergency buttons, operating an armored patrol vehicle as well as an armored transport vehicle and guarding and escorting visitors in Mount of Olives.

T&M also provides security services to the Mount Scopus compound of the Hebrew University in East Jerusalem. The company also provides security services to the Jerusalem light rail, which connects settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem with the western part of the city.

The company also provides guarding services to the Land Crossing Authority, a unit of the Israeli Ministry of Defense established in 2005 as part of the privatization of military checkpoints. The Land Crossing Authority operates 16 checkpoints between Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza.


T&M Protection Resources LLC, a US-based global security, cyber and intelligence provider, is the controlling shareholder, holding 73.5% of the company’s ordinary shares. Other shareholders include Pegasus T&M Holdings, Eyal Alexander Rubin, Shimon Talmor and Nathaniell Rothschild.

Director: Shimon Talmor


T&M Cyber (100%), T&M Saar Bitahon (100%), Shamor the Israel Security Switchboard (100%)


The company has a partnership with IBM Security to provide a cyber security operation center.

Company clients include the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Israel Electric Company, Bezeq, Mekorot, Louis Vuitton, Teva, Ashtrom and Paz.

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