Tempo Beveragesטמפו משקאות

Head office: 2 Giborey Israel St.. Natanya 42101, Israel Tel: +972-9-8630530 www.tempo.co.il

A publicly listed Israeli company that manufactures, markets and exports beverages.

Tempo Beverages and its subsidiaries are the exclusive distributors of various beverage products to the Palestinian Authority, benefiting from access to a captive Palestinian market generated by the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Barkan Winery, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, was originally based in the industrial zone of the Barkan settlement in the occupied West Bank. As of December 2007, it does not hold any industrial space in the occupied Palestinian territory.

In a letter to Who Profits dated 17 March 2019, the company stated that Barkan Wineries presently does not source grapes from the occupied Syrian Golan.


The company is controlled by Tempo Beer Industries (60%) and Heineken International B.V. (40%). Heineken is part of the international Heineken N.V., a Dutch brewing company listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam (AEX) under the ticker symbol HEIA. Tempo Beer Industries shareholders include R.Z.K Investments, Beer Family Investments, Tempo Investments and the Bornstein family.

CEO: Jacques Beer


Fully owned subsidiaries: Tempo Beverages Cyprus, Aqua Nova Waters, Barkan Wineries, Tempo Marketing, Neni, C.Z.A.S. (Segal Wines) (100%), Barkan Wineries Marketing & Distribution (100%), Israel Wine Services Marketing 2001 (100%)

Partially owned subsidiaries: Adir R. Y. Trade (50%), T.M.I.R. – Manufacturers Recycling Corporation in Israel (5.1%), Hulda Real Estate (74%), Ashkelon Wines Carmei Zion (93.75%)


The company has commercial agreements with XL Energy Corp, Pernod Ricard, Vodka Beluga, Perrier, Aqua Minerales San Benedetto, Tradall, PepsiCo, San Pellegrino, Stock International

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