Tempo Beveragesטמפו משקאות

Head office: 2 Giborey Israel St.. Natanya South I.Z, Natanya, Israel Tel: 972-9-8630630 www.tempo.co.il

Produces and distributes various beverages in the Israeli market. The company fully owns Barkan Wineries that produces wine from Golan Heights vineyards. The company is the sole distributor of Barkan Wineries in Israel.


Tempo Beverages shares are held by Tempo Beer Industries (60%) and Heineken (40%).

Tempo Beer Industries is owned by Jack Bar, Leah Bornstein and Amir Bornstein.


Exclusive producer and distributer of Heineken and PepsiCo products in Israel.

Labels: Heineken, Paulaner, Murphy’s, Samuel Adams, Bacardi Breezer, San Pelegrino, San Benedetto, Pepsi, Seven Up, Nesher, Malt Star, Miranda, Jump, Tempo, Aqua Nova, Cider Hagalil, Martini, Keglevitch vodka, Stock ’84, Goldstar and Maccabi.

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