Taavura Holdings תעבורה אחזקות

Head office: 2 Ha’hazon St., Ramle Industrial Zone North 7252901, Israel Tel: +972-8-9270420 www.taavura.com

Industrial Zone

The largest road haulage and logistics company in the Israeli market. The group engages in various types of road haulage, earth moving and mining, cranes and heavy lift, oversize loads and heavy haulage, air cargo terminal operations and logistics services as well as importing and servicing DAF, Kenworth and Isuzu trucks and VDL buses.

Taavura provided heavy haulage and installation engineering services to the Israeli authorities during the construction of the Separation Wall. Company cranes were documented installing concrete slabs as part of the apparatus of the Wall near the Palestinian town of Abu Dis and in the Shuafat refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem. Liebherr heavy construction machinery imported to Israel by Tashtit, a division of Taavura, was used in the construction of the Wall on the land of the Palestinian village of Ni’lin.

The company was also involved in the construction of two bridges in the occupied Palestinian territory, one above Route 1 near the settlement industrial zone of Mishor Adumim in the West Bank and the other as part of Route 20/4 above Route 433 in northern East Jerusalem. Company trucks transported extra-large concrete beans to the construction sites and company cranes lifted and installed them in place.

The company transports heavy cargo for the Israel military. The company transported aircrafts and watercrafts and participated in a drill of the Israeli military as a transporter of tanks. During the attack on Gaza in November 2012, the company transported tanks to the front lines.

Taavura hauled parts of Herrenknecht tunneling machinery form the port to the construction site of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem new fast train line. The fast train crosses the Green Line into occupied Palestinian territory. Taavura also hauled transformers to the occupied Syrian Golan and its cranes were used outside Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem.

The Tashtit Division is also the exclusive importer of DAF Trucks to Israel. Tashtit provides repair and maintenance service through a network of authorized DAF garages, three of which are located in the occupied Palestinian territory. Y. Tzarfati Car and Metal Services is located in the Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone, Friends Garage P.H. in the settlement neighborhood of Neve Yaakov in occupied East Jerusalem and S. Haddad Garages in the settlement industrial zone of Atarot. Through its 50% share in UTI (Universal Trucks Israel), the company imports and distributes Isuzu trucks. Y. Tzarfati Car and Metal Services and S. Haddad Garages also function as UTI’s Isuzu licensed service centers.

In the field of public transportation, company subsidiary Egged Taavura (50%) operates dozens of bus lines in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, serving more than 20 Israeli settlements, including Elon Moreh, Itamar, Kfar Tapuach, Eli, Rechelim, Shilo, Ma’ale Levona, Immanuel, Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Ariel, Shvut Rachel, Ofra, Sha’ar Binyamin industrial zone, Geva Binyamin (Adam), Talmon, Nahliel, Dolev, Nili, Na’ale and Pisgat Zeev. In 2016, Egged Taavura and other companies ordered 71 Mars Defender armored buses from Merkavim to be used in settlements.

In the logistics sector, Taavura owns Maman Cargo Terminals and Handling, which supplies management and operation services to cargo terminals in Israel. Maman’s predominance in the cargo services field, especially its terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, makes it a major beneficiary from the Israeli occupation and from the joint custom envelope – designed in the Oslo Accords. ‘Quality and Security reasons’ in conjunction with economic and political justifications create a Palestinian captive market for Israeli and multinational companies. No other alternative for the import of certain goods and raw materials are available to Palestinian manufacturers and importers.

Maman provides archiving services through its subsidiaries Archive 2000 and Archive Jerusalem, which operate an archiving facility in Mishor Adumim settlement Industrial Zone.

Taavura’s earth-moving division provided training to several Israeli army units, including an Engineering Corps unit stationed in the West Bank.

Taavura transports tanks to the front lines during the attack on Gaza in November 2012 (Pillar of Defense operation)


Avraham Livnat Ltd owns 60% of the company’s shares. The remaining shares are held equally by Phoenix and Leumi Partners.


Subsidiaries include Maman Cargo Terminals (66%), Grand Automotive L.P. (95.3%), Egged Taavura (50%), Yozma Holdings (100%), Tashtit Trucks (100%), Hanegev & Arava (50%), UTI Isuzu (50%), Grand Dalewest (Cyprus) (95.3%), Albania Motors (95.3%), Grand Auto Sarajevo (Bosnia) (95.3%), Grand Dalewest d.o.o. (Croatia) (95.3%), G.A. Insurance Representation (Croatia), Grand Rent a car (Serbia) (95.3%), Move On d.o.o. (Croatia), Mi-DA (Macedonia) (75%), Grand Automotive Kft. (Hungary) (95.3%), Grand Automotive CE Kft. (Hungary) (95.3%), Stonefield (Cyprus) (50%), Asbeka (50%), Jadran Auto (Montenegro) (95.3%), Kosovo Motors (Kosovo) (95.3%)


The company launched an innovation center together with VDL, Hyundai and Tadiran. Taavura also signed a strategic partnership with Hyundai. The company imports buses, trucks and heavy machinery by DAF, Kenworth, Liebherr and VDL. The company markets Nissan cars in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia and Ford cars in Croatia and Serbia.

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