72 Rue Henry Farman, 75015 Paris Cedex 15, France Tel: +33-140166100

A French consulting and engineering group specializing in the design of transport infrastructures for metros, tramways, high speed lines and classic railways.

In 2011, Systra, in joint venture with the DEL Group and MATI, a local traffic export company, won a tender to carry out the preliminary design of the Blue Line of the Jerusalem Light Rail. The Blue Line’s planned route crosses the green line and connects Israeli settlements in southwest and northern East Jerusalem with West Jerusalem and with one another.

Systra was responsible for project management, quality control, tender documents and preliminary engineering design including Light Rail Train urban integration, substation layout and operating principles.


Systra is a jointly owned subsidiary of two French state owned public corporations: the SNCF Group (42%) and the RATP Group (42%). Remaining shares are held by French banks (15%) and employee shareholders (1%).

CEO: Pierre Verzat


Systra Consulting (US), CANARAIL (Canada), TECTRAN SYSTRA Brasil (Brazil), VETEC SYSTRA Brasil (Brazil), SYSTRA ALGERIA (Algeria), SYSTRA MOROCCO (Morocco), SYSTRA – SOTECNI (Italy), SYSTRA Ltd. Great Britain (UK), SYSTRA Ltd. Ireland (Ireland), DALCO ELTEKNIK (Sweden), SYSTRA Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), SYSTRA MVA India (India), SAI (India), SYSTRA Shanghai (China), SYSTRA Korea (Korea), MVA Hong-Kong / MVA Asia Limited (Hong Kong), SYSTRA MVA Singapore (Singapore), SYSTRA MVA Thailand (Thailand), Beijing MVA Transport Consultants (China), MVA Transport Consultants (Shenzhen) (China), Systra Scott Lister (Australia)



85% of the company’s projects is done in partnership with transport authorities and 15% in partnership with private companies.

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