Solegreen Ltd.סולגרין בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli company active in the initiation, development, construction and management of renewable energy projects.

In 2022, the company was selected to participate in a pilot program launched by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development to examine the feasibility of the dual use of agricultural land for electricity generation from solar energy. As part of the project, Solegreen will collaborate with the Shamir Institute, located in the occupied Syrian Golan, to construct agro-voltaic facilities in four sites located in two settlements in the Syrian Golan, Neot Golan and Kidmat Zvi.

The company has a joint venture with Lumisun Ltd for the initiation, finance and operation of ground-mounted solar energy projects in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.


The company is controlled by Generation Capital, which holds 50.56% of its outstanding shares. Generation Capital is an Israeli infrastructure investment fund publicly listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GNRS.

Other shareholders include The Phoenix Holdings Ltd (15.03%), Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd (8.66%), Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd (8.01%), Meitav Dash Investments Ltd (5.72%), Excellence Investments Ltd (1.10%).

CEO: Tom Shafran

Chairman of the Board: Gal Bogin


International subsidiaries: Solegreen USA, Inc (100%), SG Renewable Energy Italia S.a.s della Renewable Energies – Abroad – General Partner Ltd (100%), Solegreen Italia S.a.s della Renewable Energies Aborad – General Partner Ltd (100%), Sole Verde S.a.s. della Praetorian S.r.l. (85%), Maniago Solar S.r.l (85%), Felonica S.r.l, S Roof 1 S.r.l (85%), SV XII S.r.l (85%), Emilia Solare S.r.l (85%), Stella Solare S.r.l (85%), Trovo Solar s.r.l (85%), Peonia NC Società Agricola (85%), Società Agricola Fotosolara Bonnanaro s.r.l. (85%), Società Agricola Fotosolara Cheremule s.r.l. (85%), Società Agricola Fotosolara Oristano s.r.l. (85%), San Giorgio NC S.r.l. (85%), ESOLAR NC SRL (85%)

Israeli subsidiaries: LG Rooftops Solar Systems Ltd (100%), Odem Enlight Limited Partnership (100%), Greenday Renewable Energy Ltd (100%), Neve Mivtah Solegreen Solar Energy Limited Partnership (61.1%), Zarhia Solegreen Solar Energy Limited Partnership (61.1%), Shoval Solegreen Solar Energy Limited Partnership (61.1%), Solegreen Lumisun Development and Entrepreneurship (85%), Nova Solar Ltd (100%), Green Mountains Yokne’am Ltd (100%), Nova Solar Yokne’am Ltd (100%), Almosalinos Management and Investments Ltd (100%), Darel PV 1 Ltd (100%), Darel PV 2 Ltd (100%), Darel PV 3 Ltd (100%), Beecologic Entrepreneurship Ltd (100%), Beecologic Solar (2012) Ltd (100%), Nova Sde Nahum Solar Energy Limited Partnership (74%), Nova Sde Nahum Solar Coops Limited Partnership (60%), Silo Energy Limited Partnership (51%), Rakia Solar Limited Partnership (66.7%)


Tricera Energy GMBH, Amir Marketing, LCF, Augwind

In 2021, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Menorah Mivtachim Group for the establishment of a limited partnership that would invest in renewable energy projects in Europe for the total sum of up to 160 million euros for a period of 10 years.

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