Head office: 30 Shmutkin St., Rishon LeZion, Israel Tel: 972-3-9481521

The company operates as both a supermarket chainstore with 238 branches and a private label in the local food industry. In addition, the company engages in income-generating real estate, leasing commercial centers and other properties.

The company operates branches in Mishor Adumim, which is the industrial zone of the West Bank settlement of Ma’ale Adumim and in the settlement of Ariel. The company also has a branch in Gilo, which is an Israeli settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, 
One of the company’s sub-chains, Yesh Supermarkets, has branches in additional West Bank settlements including Modi’in IllitAriel, Bithar Illit and in Ramat Eshkol, which is an Israeli settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem.

The company distributes products, which are manufactured in West Bank settlements, under its own brand name Shufersal. For instance, the company sells legumes and rice which are exclusively packed by Maya Foods, in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomim, pickles of Motola Preserves from the settlement of Imanuel and cleaning products of Plasto Polish (Barkan), which are produced in the industrial zone of Barkan

In May 2015, the company launched its own line of branded milk among other dairy products (cream, chocolate and cheese). The company’s milk is manufactured in the occupied Golan, by Ramat Hagolan Dairies.  


Ownership: Discount Investment Corporation (50.6%) , a subsidiary of the IDB group.

CEO: Itzchak Avercohen


Gidron Industries (100%), Katif Group (100%), Four Species (100%), Supersoul Finance (64%), and Shufersal Real Estate which in turn owns: Hyper Kol (100%),  Lev Hamifratz (37%) and Supersol Property Holding (100).


Ramat Hagolan Dairies: Manufactures Shufesal’s milk, cream, and chocolate dairy products in the occupied Golan.
Kampina: A Dutch company that manufactures Shufersal’s cheese products.

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