Shachar and Co. Building and Engineering Company Ltd.
שחר שות', חברה להנדסה אזרחית, בניה ותשתיות בע"מ

21/158 Moshe Dayan Avenue P.O. Box 18339, 9118220 Pisgat Ze'ev, East Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972-25846000

A private Israeli development and construction company headquartered in the settlement neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev, occupied East Jerusalem, and involved in construction on occupied Palestinian land.

The company constructs housing units and carries out infrastructure development work across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, actively contributing to further land grab and facilitating easy acess to and from illegal settlements.

The company built nine luxury housing units in the settlement of Efrat and 23 in the settlement of Har Gillo.

The company was contracted by Tekoa Settlement council, occupied West Bank, to carry out infrstructure development work for the construction of 120 housing units, for the total cost of 14 million NIS. The company was awarded a contract worth 9 million NIS for infrastructure work for the building of housing units in Elazar settlement, Gush Etzion, occupied West Bank.

Shachar and Co., was awarded a 14 million NIS World Zionist Orgnisation contract for infrastructure development in Har Gillo settlement, occupied West Bank.

One of Shachar and Co. Building and Engineering Company Ltd., consistent clienets is the Israeli National Roads Company. Some of the contracts awarded by the Isralei National Road are a 17 million NIS contract for infrastructure work on a road leading to Kedar settlement, occupied West Bank, and 8 million NIS for the construction of a bridge connecting the settlement neighborhoods of Har Homa and Gilo in occupied East Jerusalem.

The company was awarded 25 million NIS for works on a Road 60 bypassing Palestinain neighborhoods and connecting settlements to Jerusalem.

The company was awarded an 18.8 million NIS contract by the Israeli Land Administration for the construction of a bridge and infrastructure development work in the Talpiot East no-man’s-land, occupied East Jerusalem.

The company was awarded a 35 million NIS contract by the Isralei Ministry of Defence for the construction of Noman (Mizmorih) chekpoint at the South-East part of the “Jerusalem-Envelope,” enclaving the Palestinian village of Noman.


The company is privately owned by the Shachar family: Meir, Rahamim Tzion, Avraham Aryeh, and David Yonatan Shachar.


Subsidiaries: M.R.A Ltd. Hiring Mechanical Equipment and Rash-BA Ltd. Entrepreneurs.

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