Reshef Security רשף ביטחון

5 Hatzoref St. Holon 58856, Israel Tel: +972-3-5598111

A private security company, part of the public Israeli Tigbur group.

In 2011, Reshef Security won a NIS 40 Million tender to provide security services to the Ma’ale Adumim settlement, including guarding educational facilities and entrance gates, operating the central control room and survialance systems, providing patrol services and securing the checkpoints around the settlement. According to company’s publications, the company still operates in the Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

Reshef Security operates 8 branches in Israel including one in Katzrin in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The company also provides transportation services to a project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, for the shipping and handling batteries from educational facilities all over Israel and the settlements to collection centers. This service includes at least the Mate Yehuda settlements’ regional council.

Additionally, the company provides control center services to the Nature and Parks Authority in Nabi Samuel national park. The park is on the lands of the Palestinian village Nabi Samwil in the West Bank.

Reshef Security provides electronic protection systems to an Israeli army base, the location of which is not specified. The project is in cooperation with the Israeli and the American Ministries of Defense.

The company owns and operates 6 weapon storage houses.

In addition, the company also lost a class action lawsuit for withholding its employees’ pension funds allowance and was required by the Israeli regional labor court in Tel Aviv to pay 7 Million NIS to 2000 of its employees.


Reshef Security is part of the Israeli public company Tigbur, which is owned by Orit, Doron and Rina Benbenisti.
76% of Reshef Security is owned by Tigbur, 12% is owned by David Benbenisty and 12% is owned by Yehushua Flein.

The Tigbur Group also includes the following subsidiaries: Reshef Cleaning and Maintanace (100%), Amit consulting and project management (100%), Witzman Medical Center (100%), Mushkenot Zahav (51%), Parents House Lev Haifa (100%) and Metropol – international company based in Turkey (51%).


The Israeli company EQI is part of Reshef Security. The company specializes in earthquakes alert systems.
Reshef Security is the sole distributer of the Israeli system Akrabot, by Solaris, a company that manufactures security systems for the protection of solar systems.



Reshef Security provides control center services to the Nature and Parks Authority and security services to Mizrahi Tefahot Bank and its branches (including in the West Bank).
Reshef Security also provides security escort in armored vehicles. Among the costumers for this services are Motorola, Peleohone, Orange, Hapoalim and Leumi banks, the Ministry of Turism. The company states that the security personel of this unit have graduated from special combat units in the Israeli army and have experience in working in the Judea and Samaria area. Ussualy, armored vehicles are used in the OPT.

Abroad, the company conducts a project for electronic security to solar fields in Italy, in cooperation with the company Solar By Yourself.

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