Ramat Hagolan Dairies (Golan Heights Dairies)
מחלבות רמת הגולן

Head office: POB 95, Katzrin Industrial Zone 12900, Occupied Syrian Golan Tel: +972-4-6961902

Industrial Zone

A settlement-based Israeli manufacturer of dairy products.

The company’s facilities are located in the Katzrin settlement industrial zone in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The company was founded by Tnuva, Tara and Strauss, three of Israel’s leading dairy manufacturers. In 2009, it was sold to four Israeli Kibbutzim, two of which are settlements located in the occupied Syrian Golan (Ein Zivan and Ortal).

The company sources its raw materials from three settlements located in the Golan: Nov, Geshur and Avnei Eitan.

In 2015, the company received a 10 million NIS grant from the Israeli Ministry of Economy to expand its operations.


The company is owned by five Israeli Kibbutzim, three of which are located in the Galilee (Sasa, Shamir and Gadot) and two of which are located in the occupied Syrian Golan (Ein Zivan and Ortal). The descendants of the late Israeli businessman Rafi Eitan hold a minority stake in the company.

CEO: Shuli Segev


The company manufactures a private dairy brand for Shufersal. It also markets its products to Israeli companies such as Tara, Gad and Frutarom.

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