Ramat Hagolan Dairies (Golan Heights Dairies)
מחלבות רמת הגולן

POB 95, Katzerin I.Z. 12900, Occupied Syrian Golan Tel: +972-4-6961902 www.mrh.co.il

Industrial Zone

Manufacturer and distributer of dairy products. The company’s facilities are located in the industrial zone of Katzerin, an Israeli settlements in the occupied Golan. In 2014, the company expanded its dairy facility in 2 extra acres.

Originally the company was founded by two other dairy products manufacturers: Tara and Strauss, today it is owned by 4 settlements in the Occupied Syrian Golan; Ein Zivun, Ortal (which also owns the Golan Heights Wineries), Gadot, and Shamir (19% for each settlement).

The company cooperates with 18 dariy farms, all of which are located in Nouv and Avni Eitan settlements in the Occupied Golan.


Owned by the settlements of Ortal, Kibbutz Ein Zivan, Gadot and Shamir (19% for each settlement). Former Israeli Minister and Mossad officer, Rafi Eitan, is also a shareholder of the company (5%).


Tara Milco : Although not directly held by Tara anymore the company is still functioning as the provider for some of its dairy products.

On 3 May 2015,  Shufersal launched its own milk brand, “Shufersal Milk”.  The raw material of which is manufactured and supplied by Ramat Hagolan Dairies.

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