Nof Yam Security נוף-ים בטחון

Kibutz Galuyut 34 Tel Aviv, 665550Tel: 074-7104010

A private security company.

Nof Yam Security provides security and guard services to the settlement of Efrat, in the framework of settlement security for the Ministry of Defense. The company also states that it provides security and guard services to 20 seam line settlements in the Samaria area.

In addition, the company states in its website that it provides security and safeguarding services to 20 seam-line settlements in the Samaria area.


The company is part of the Natton Group, a large Israeli corporation which provides services of estate management and operation and security services through Nof Yam security.

Nurel Yeheskel, Shmuel Shalev and Avner Goldenberg, who directly own Nof Yam, own 75% of the Natoon Group. The other 25% of the Natoon Group are owned by REIT Asset Management Israel, part of REIT Asset Management UK.

According to the company’s website, REIT Asset Management Israel is a fully owned subsidiary of REIT Asset Management UK and Excellence investments. The company indicates it has a strategic cooperation with REIT Israel in the field of assets management.


The company provides security services to Bezeq and to the Delek Group.

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