Magna B.S.Pמגנ"א בי אס פי

Rotem Industrial Park, D.N, Arava 86800, Israel Tel: +972-8-6552668

An Israeli security company based in Dimona, which manufactures surveillance equipment and technology.

Its products have been installed in the Old City of Jerusalem (located in East Jerusalem), Israeli prisons and the Ben Gurion Airport. In the aftermath of the assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014, the company publicly revealed its proposition to surround the Gaza strip with mass surveillance equipment, a project that is estimated to exceed USD 150,000 per kilometer.

In February 2015, in an official letter to Who Profits, Magna’s administration stated: “The MAGNA company is proud to supply surveillance and protection technology to the Israeli Defense Forces in order to protect our innocent citizens from terrorist attacks”.


Among its many shareholders the most prominent are Aeronautics, Sivony Haim, Adar Halevi and Rotem Ventures Incubator.


According to the AOHR Human Rights orgnisation the company has an established partnership with C. Mer Industries.

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