Jerusalem Economyכלכלית ירושלים

Head office: 7 Tozeret Haaretz, Tel Aviv Tel.: +972 39070000

A public Israeli real estate company specializing in the construction and maintenance of buildings.

In the occupied Syrian Golan, the company’s subsidiary, Mivne Taasiyah (Indistrial Buildings Corporation), owns 35,000 square meters in the industrial zone “Katzrin” and in Bnei Yehuda settlement. The subsidiary was involved in constructing the shopping mall “Lev Katzrin” as well.

In the occupied West Bank, the subsidiary holds 5,070 square meters in Maaleh Efraim settlement for industrial and storage purposes, as well as 10,200 square meters in Kiryat Arba settlement for the same purposes, 9,300 square meters of land in Reihan settlement, and 1,400 square meters of land in Elkana settlement. The company is also involved in the construction of Atarot Industrial Zone. In 2009, the company was involved in the construction of buildings and halls in Mishor Adumim settlement.

IBC company of Fishman Holdings, which is a subsidiary of Mivne Taasiyah, owns 9,300 square meters of land in the settlement Karnei Shomron in the West Bank.


Chairman: Ron Bari

CEO: David Zubeida

Major Shareholders: David Fuhrer (24.2%); The Phoenix Holdings Ltd (12.1%); Menorah Fund (7.36%); Summit Real Estate Holdings Ltd (5.66%); Psagot Investment House Ltd (8.17%); Harel Fund (5.37%); Excellence Investments Ltd (1.96%).




Among the company’s subsidiaries are:

Mivne Taasiyah company (68.31%); Svitland Development Limited (23%); Optimization Technology Research B.V (50%); Mondon Investments Ltd (90%); The Science Based Industries Campus Ltd (50%); and it also holds full ownership of Derbin company and Hakal Construction & Supervision Ltd.

In addition, the company owns several subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Cyprus, Holland and France.


Company clients include: high-tech companies, Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry for the Development of Negev and Galilee and the Prime Minister’s Office.

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