Impresa Pizzarotti & Cאימפרזה פיזארוטי

ViaAnna Maria Adorni 1, 43121, Parma, Italy Tel: +39-0521-2021

An Italian construction firm.

The company joined Shapir Civil and Marine engineering (Israel) as a contractor forming a joint partnership called Shapir Pizzarotti Joint venture. In 2014 they completed the construction of section C of the A1 fast train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The route in this section crosses the Green Line into occupied Palestinian land, taking over private Palestinian agricultural lands and using Palestinian natural resources for an infrastructure project exclusively benefitting Israeli citizens.


94.5% is owned by Mipien S.p.A., part of the Pizzarotti Group, controlled by Paolo Pizzarotti.

Managing Directors: Aldo Buttini, Giorgio Cassina, Corrado Bianchi


Pizzarotti S.A. (Switzerland), Pride S.A. L.T.D (Saudi Arabia), Pizzarotti USA Corp.,Pizzarotti NY llc, F.P.M.C, Engeco S.A.M, Pizzarotti Cote d’Azur, Pizzarotti S.a.r.l, Prisco B.V., Pizzarotti I.E., Pizzarotti llc, Plein Sud S.A.m


In partnership with Shapir Civil and Marine engineering (Israel) in “Shapir Pizzarotti Highway 16 Ltd”. Other partners include: Mipien, Pizzarotti, Prefabbricati Pizzarotti, Caliparma, Engeco, Monte delle Vigne, Roberts Pizzarotti

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