German mechanized tunneling equipment company.

Herrenknecht supplied 3 TBM's (Tunnel Boring Machines) for the excavation of tunnel No. 1 (section B) and tunnel No. 3 (section C) of the Tel Aviv Jerusalem fast train (A1 train), which crosses the green line into occupied Palestinian territory. 

In February 2012, the company's TBM started its operation in excavating tunnel no. 1under the Latrun enclave, an occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank which was ethnically cleansed of its Palestinian residents after the 1967 war. This tunnel is part of the train's section B, which is executed by the Minrav group and Moscow Metrostroy (Mosmetrostroy). In September 2012, the tunneling of the no. 1 tunnel was completed.

In September 2012, Herrenknecht TBM machines started mining the No. 3 tunnels, part of section C, executed by Shapir Civil and Marine engineering and Pizzarotti & C. The route in this section crosses the Green Line into occupied Palestinian land, taking over private Palestinian agricultural lands and using Palestinian natural resources for an exclusive Israeli infrastructure project. The mining of these tunnels is supposed to be complete by 2014.

The machines were made in Germany by Herrenknecht and will be operated by a crew of experts from the contracted companies of each section, under strict supervision of Herrenknecht representatives.

The TBM is a massive scale machine used to excavate tunnels. It operates as an independent work unit, which includes a control room inside the machine. Herrenknecht also produces concrete segments for tunnel lining in a carousel plant supplied by Herrenknecht. In addition, the company supplied a curing tunnel with heating system. At the end of the work, the machines can be sold back to Herrenknecht, which renovates and re-sales them to other large scale projects.

The TBMs were costume made for the specific type of land in which the tunnels are located. This means that the company is well aware of the fact that its machines are used for mining in occupied Palestinian land.   

A news article in the Israeli channel 2 news about the Herrenknecht TBM used in the A1 fast train: