Hamashbir Agricultureהמשביר לחקלאי

1 Hama'alit St., Kadima I.Z, 60920 www.hamashbir.co.il

A supplier of agricultural equipment.

The company operates a branch in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied West Bank. It also operates a branch in Avnei Eitan settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan.


The company is fully owned by S.H. Sky Investments (H.K.L), Limited Partnership.

Chairman: Amit Ben Yitzhak

CEO: Yaniv Kochavi


The company owns the Cyprus-based company Invectra- Agro Ltd.


Partners include: Tapazol Chemical Works Ltd Agro; Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd; Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd; Tarsis Ltd; Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited; Lidor Chemicals Ltd; Agrica; Rimi; Luxemburg Industries Ltd; Efal Agri

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