Ha'argaz Technopach Metal Industriesהארגז טכנופח תעשיות מתכת

Group's address: 11 Galgal Haplada, Herzelia 46722 Tel: 972-9-9512111 www.haargaz.co.il | Technopach Barkan factory: 2 Habareket St. POB 51Barkan I.Z. 44820 Tel: 972-3-9364052, 972-3-9364049 www.t.haargaz.co.il

Manufactures metal equipment and packaging for airborne haulage and electronic casings. Company’s products are used for the high-tech, communication and security industries.

The company’s 8000 sqm. plant is located in the Barkan industrial zone, which is an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Moreover, the plant manufactures casings for the Guardium vehicle (Elbit and IAI) which is used for patrols along the seamline and the separation Wall. It also manufactures components for UAVs and for weapons systems for UAVs.


The company is part of Ha’argaz Group, which is privately owned by former General Hagai Shalom.
The group also includes: Ha’argaz Transportation (bus factory), Ha’argaz Building Industries, Ha’argaz Storage, Cooling and Display Systems, and Taditel.


Among major clients: the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Elbit, Rafael, Israel Aerospace Industries.

The company’s engineering and development unit is outsources to the Israeli company Intellitech.

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