H.Y.S. Nofei Israel (Israel View)ח.י.ש. נופי ישראל

216 Yaffo St. Jerusalem 94383 Tel: 972-2-500418 www.nofei-israel.com

A development and real estate company. It has developed and marketed several housing project in the Givat Ze’ev area, a settlement in East Jerusalem, with more than 480 housing units for the ultra-orthodox Jewish public.

Among its construction projects are, the “New Givat Ze’ev” project, which was erected In 2004, and is now inhabited by more than 300 Israeli families. The project’s enterence is linked to road 443, a segragated road in the West Bank that serves Israeli citezens only. Another project is “Top 80”, which includes 80 housing units in Naveh Ya’kov, a settlement in East Jerusalem. The project is strategically located next the Jerusalem Light trail project.

The housing units were constructed by several construction companies including: Euro Israel, Dalia Eliasfor, Teshet 2000, Kenning, Moris Alon, and Shechter.

The company’s several projects were funded by Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in an accompaniment agreement. In addition, the company has marketed a housing project of Dalia Eliasfor in Homat Shmuel (Har Homa), a settlement neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Company Response

Response Received on January 2nd 2017, “Our company deals with selling apartments in properties in Israel and in properties in Judea and Samaria. Our company employs thousands of Palestinians every day. All of the properties in construction are private properties purchased from the Palestinians. We find the way the facts are presented very severe, things are presented as though we are occupying just because our company is Jewish. There is no international law forbidding us from purchasing land by law from the Palestinians, and that is what we do. Any reference from any factor presenting our company as one that supports the occupation or anything of that sort will be sued for defamation.Our company acts with integrity, by the Israeli law and by the international law as well.”


Privately owned by Hanoch Kas (through Hanoch Kas Holdings), and Shaul Morgenstern.

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