Groisman Engineering Ltd.גרויסמן הנדסה בע"מ

16 Habrosh St. Savion, 56516, IsraelTel: +972-3-5326415

Global Presence

An Israeli project management company that provides consulting and management services for projects in fields such as train infrastructure, light rail systems and tunneling supervision systems.

Groisman Engineering is involved in the construction of the Jerusalem light rail, which was designed to connect West Jerusalem with East Jerusalem settlements. The company played a leading part in the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) and served as the deputy construction officer for civil infrastructure (CWE) works. It also designed the coordination of the depot and substations, scheduled coordination of the EPC and supervised the construction of the CWE.

The company was also involved in a construction project for the Moriah-Jerusalem Development Company, building 1-12 road ramp for the East Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev. The company led all aspects of management: design and tender coordination and supervision during construction.

The company is also involved in two military infrastructure and construction projects for the Israeli Ministry of Defense, leading the design phase of a major base relocation for the Israeli army and taking part in the design of a new army training campus is the Negev (Naqab).


Founder and Head: Eng. Offer Groisman


The company has a partnership with Alstom for the construction of the Jerusalem light rail.

Other partners include the Marshall Macklin Monaghan Group, Aecon and Model Group.

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