Galnor Building & Development LTD.גלנור בינוי ופיתוח בע״מ

Head office: 13 Knafei Nesharim, Jerusalem 9546425, Israel Tel: +972-26436236

A private Israeli construction and development company.

The company carried out road and infrastructure development work in the settlement of Beitar Illit in the occupied West Bank and the settlement neighborhoods of Ramat Shlomo and Gilo in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2014, the company won a tender issued by by Moriah Jerusalem Development Corporation to carry out a grade separation project on Route 60 (Tunnel Road) and Route 50 (Begin Highway) in Gilo.

In 2017, the company won a tender issued by Moriah for paving, systems and an inspection structure on Route 437 north of Jerusalem in the occupied West Bank. The road is part of the Eastern Ring Road, itself part of a larger Israeli transport project encircling West Jerusalem and parts of East Jerusalem, which cuts off and isolates East Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank while improving connectivity between the northern and southern settlement blocs. Some 300 dunams were expropriated from the Palestinian village Hizma for the construction of Route 437.

In 2019, the company won a tender issued by Moriah for development and maintenance work for the construction of a parking lot in Mt Scopus in East Jerusalem.

Galnor was also contracted by the Antiquities Authority at the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem to build tunnels in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In June 2019, the company won three tenders issued by Moriah to carry out infrastructure work for the Jerusalem light rail. Two tenders are part of the preparation work for the Green Line in the Gilo settlement neighborhood, and one is part of the extension of the Red Line to the settlement neighborhood of Neve Ya’akov. In February 2020, the company won a fourth tender issued by Moriah for infrastructure work for the Green Line in Mt. Scopus.

In June 2020, the company won a tender issued by Moriah to carry out infrastructure, development and construction work for a school in the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem.


Owned by Katriel Zolty through his holdings in Zokat Investments.


Katriel Zolty also owns A.C. Housing 38 (100%), Galnor manos Building Evacuation – Hebron Road 116 LTD (50%) and Galnor Properties (100%).


Zolty is a partner in Galnach Investment, a Jerusalem based real estate company.

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