Galnor Building & Development LTD.גלנור בינוי ופיתוח בע״מ

13 Knafey Nesharim, Jerusalem 9546425 Tel: +972-2-6436236 Fax: +972-3-6436237

A private Israeli construction and development company active beyond the Green Line.

The company is involved in infrastructure development and road construction in the settlements Beitar Ilit, Ramat Shlomo and Gilo.

The company is also involved in the construction of route 60 which is meant to serve the blue line of the Jerusalem Light Rail, connecting between the settlements Gilo and Ramot.

Galnor will be performing road surfacing for the construction of route 437. This road will encircle several villages, making it easier for settlers to travel and eventually blocking parts of the road for Palestinians between Anata, Khan al Ahmar and al-Eizariya.

The construction of both route 60 and route 437, is a part of a long term plan to form an Israeli territorial contiguity from Jerusalem to the east and divide the West Bank to two while expanding construction in E1.

Galnor also performs work for an archaeological project, constructing tunnels and aiding in diggings which took place in the Old City of Occupied East Jerusalem. The project was contracted by the Antiquities Authority at the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem.


Katriel Zolty – through Zochat Hashkaot LTD.


Zolty is also part of the group Meirovich Galnor which has construction projects in several settlements (Maale Edumin, Pisgat Ze’ev and others) and is a partner with Galnach Investments LTD. , Prosperity Hotels LTD., Haneviim Hotel

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