Field Produceתנובות שדה ומטע

Hamesila 5, Be'er Sheva Industrial Zone, 84249 Tel: +972-8-6233383

The company processes, markets and exports sunflower and watermelon seeds, peanuts, almonds, chickpeas, dates, citrus fruits and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

In 2009, Field Produce built two facilities which sorts, packs and exports Mejdool, Berhi, Hiani ans Dekel-nur dates. These facilities are located in the settlements of Yafit and Na’ama in the occupied Jordan Valley.

The company’s boxes were also found in the Na’aran and Tomer settlements’ packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley.

60% of the company’s products are sold on the European market, under the brand name Field Produce, through local distributers.
80% of the company’s dates are designated for export to Europe. The date export is carried out by the company’s subsidiary, Field Produce Marketing.

Field Produce is the largest exporter of nuts from Israel to the European market and exports approximately 70% of the total Israeli peanut export. The company operates a peanut sorting facility in Be’er Sheva, and the peanuts are grown in the western Negev area.

Field Produce handles 25% of Israeli sunflower seed production and operates a sunflower seed sorting facility in the Ram-On village. The company also operates two almond sorting facilities in Arad and Ram-On.


84% of the company is owned by Groundnuts & Cotton Marketing, which is owned by Tnuva (50%) and Hamashbir Holdings (50%).
16% of the company is owned by Marziparo.


The company’s Israeli subsidiaries include: Field Produce Marketing, which handles the company’s marketing, mainly of dates and 50% of Shaked and Tamar cooperative, which owns the dates packing houses in the Jordan valley settlements.

Field Produce has an Egyptian subsidiary located in the Netherlands: Field produce international B.V., which markets Egyptian peanuts to Europe. Another subsidiary of the company, Golden Peanuts Egypt, is located in Egypt and handles the sorting facility in Egypt.

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