Enerpoint Israelאינרפוינט ישראל

Head office: 1 Bat Sheva St., Building 3 (Talrad), Lydd, Israel Tel: +972-72-2506205 www.enerpoint.co.il

The company provides consultancy, marketing, planning and construction services for solar systems.

In collaboration with Green is Us, the company constructed the first solar farm in the occupied Palestinian territory. The solar farm is located in Netiv Hagdud settlement in Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. The Farm stretches over 50 dunams of land, and is worth NIS 250 million.

Enerpoint Israel is also Israel’s biggest distributor of SunTech solar panels used in the Sde Bok and Hatzerim solar fields in the Naqab (Negev) region. Sde Boker and Hatzerim fields generate 5 MW and 6 MW in electricity capacity (respectively), developed by a 20 million USD joint partnership between SunTech and Shikun & Binui.


The company is owned by Mark Zaltsman; Lifa Meir Trusteeships Ltd (16.8%); Barenboim Properties Ltd; M.S.A. Nominees Ltd; AP Partners Fund Limited Partnership

Chairman: Dani Targan

CEO: Nir Peleg


The company signed an agreement with the Chinese concern GCL for the provision of smart solar panels.

Other partners include SunTech and Green is Us.


Suntech, Green is Us

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