Deshen Hatzafon – Production and Marketing of Fertilizer
דשן הצפון - אגודה חקלאית שיתופית בע"מ

Head office: Shean Regional Enterprises, Beit Shean Valley 1082000, Israel Tel: +972-4-3731230

An Israeli agricultural cooperative that manufactures and markets fertilizers.

One of the seven cooperatives that own Deshen Hatzafon is the Upper Galilee Farming Estates Central Agricultural Cooperative Society (Hebrew: Mishkei Hagalil Haelyon), which includes the settlements of Odem, Ortal, El Rom, Merom Golan and Ein Zivan in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The company employs regional experts in occupied territory, one for the Jordan Valley and the Syrian Golan, and one for Jerusalem and the West Bank.

In June 2019, company fertilizer tanks were documented in the packing houses complex of the settlement of Mehola in the Jordan Valley.