Head Office: 42 Tomer, 90680, Jordan Valley, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: +972- 2-9947023

The company sorts and exports vegetables to Russia and Europe. It grows mainly artichokes, chili peppers and cherry tomatoes.

The company is located in the settlement of Tomer in the occupied Jordan valley.

The ‘Saada’ farm is the largest grower of cherry tomatoes, with 20 hectares under cultivation. 10 more hectares are used to cultivate peppers and chili-peppers.



Privately owned by Nofar and David Sa’ada


Since 2009, the farm has been managed as three companies: Sherriessa Ltd, Saada Agriculture Ltd and Katzir Ha-Magal Ltd and


The company exports mainly to Russia through several export\import companies, such as Metro Cash and Carry and X5.

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