CETCO Mineral Technology Group

622 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017 ,USA Tel: +1-212-878-1849 mineralstech.com


A US based public company that develops, produces and markets mineral-based and synthetic mineral products and related systems and services.

The company’s products are used in the construction of Mekorot’s new bypass pipe line in the Palestinian vilage of Bardala. The Bypass pipeline is meant to provide water to Israel’s illegal settlements and deepen Israel’s control over palestinians water supply, while exploiting Palestinians natural resources.  


C.E.O: Douglas T. Dietrich

Main shareholders: Blackrock Inc. (12.07%), Vanguard Group Inc. (9.80%), Price T Rowe Associates Inc/ MD/ (6.60%), Dimensional Fund Advisors LP. (5.89%)


Alex Mining & Oil Service Company (Egypt), Amcol Australia Pty. Ltd (Australia), AMCOL CETCO do Brasil Servicos e Produtos de Construcao Ltda. (Brazil), AMCOL Dongming Industrial Minerals Company Limited (China), AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions, Incorporated (Delaware), AMCOL (Holdings) Ltd. (UK), AMCOL International B.V. (Netherlands), AMCOL Korea Limited (S. Korea), Amcol Mauritius (Mauritius), Amcol Minerals EU Limited (UK), American Colloid Company (Delaware), Barretts Minerals Inc., Batlhako Mining Ltd. (South Africa), CCS, Cetco SP. Z.o.o., s.k.a., (Poland), Centre International de Couchage CIC Inc. (Canada), Cetco Oilfield Services Company Asia Ltd. (Malaysia), Gold Lun Chemicals (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. (China), Ingenieria y Construccion CETCO ICC Limitada (Mexico), Minerals Technologies do Brasil Comercio e Industria de Minerais Ltda. (Brazil), Minteq Italiana S.p.A (Italy), MTI Ventures B.V. (Netherlands), Nanocor LLC, Sivomatic B.V. (Netherlands), SMI NewQuest India Private Limited (India), Speciality Minerals France S.A.S (France), Volcay International LLC


Melgol Ltd. (Israel Distributor), APSCOP, Tensar International Corporation (TIC), Geosynthetics Limited, Vermeer Canada, Vermeer Manufacturing,  Ashapura Volclay Ltd, Talisman, Solco

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