Baran Group קבוצת ברן

5 Menachem Begin Avenue, Beit-Dagan, 50200, Israel. Tel: +972-3-9775000

Baran Group is a publicly-traded Israeli civil engineering, technology, telecommunication and construction solution provider with global operations.

The company operates offices in Germany, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, South Africa and Romania.

In May 2020, the company signed a contract with Elbit Systems Ltd. for the planning and management of the relocation of Israeli Military Industries (IMI) factories to Ramat Beka industrial zone in the Naqab (Negev) worth around 18 million USD (60 million NIS). The company may receive additional funds amounting to some 4 million USD (12 million NIS) for further services.

The Ramat Beka project will be carried out in partnership with the UK-Based company CPM International.

In 2019, the company along with Shaviv Engineering Ltd. was granted a contract with the Israeli police for the construction and maintenance of buildings worth around 3 million UDS (7 million NIS).

The company built a dry storage base for the Israeli army in a joint bid with the Aronson Company and ABB SUSA Company. The 125 million USD project was commissioned by the US Army Corp of Engineers. It also executed a 550 million USD border surveillance project for the Israeli military involving the deployment of 250km of camera and radar sites.

Furthermore, the Group managed the construction project of section A of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Fast Train (A1), including Bridge 6, which crosses the Green Line at the Latrun enclave into occupied Palestinian land.

The company carried out network deployment projects for some of the biggest cellular providers, including Cellcom Israel, Pelephone Communications and Partner Communications (formerly Orange). All major Israeli cellular providers deploy cellular sites on occupied Palestinian and Syrian land and serve Israeli settlers.

It also carried out a project of YES, which provides satellite broadcasting services to some of the checkpoints and to all Israeli settlements


Major shareholders: Dor Mair (21.38%), Alrig – Investments and Finance ltd. (5.48%), Value Base Ltd. (5.08%), Alpha (7.73%).


Baran Israel Ltd. (100%)|Baren International Ltd. (100%)|Baran Energy International Ltd. (100%)|Baran Management and Marketing of Technical Products Ltd. (100%)|Baran Construction and Infrastructure Ltd. (100%)| Baren Efco (100%)|Baran (Thailand) Co. Ltd. (100%)|Baran Holding South East Asia Co. Ltd. (97%)|Nes-Pam Canada Investment Inc (100%)|Investment Construction Management Limited Liability Company– Russia (100%)|B.M.D Constructill Si Dezvoltare S.R.L.- Romania (100%)|Baran Romania S.R.L (100%)|Baran Rom Projects S.R.L. (100%)|Baran Group B.V. – Holland (100%)| BTN Baran Telecom Networks GmbH (100%)|Baran Americas, Inc (100%)|Baran Telecom Inc – USA (100%)|Cal Construction Ltd. (100%)| Bartec Engineering LLC – Uzbekistan (100%)|Bartec Engineering LLP – Kazakhstan (100%)|Baran Projects South Africa (70%)|Baran (Vietnam) Company Limited (100%)|Baran Global Engineering Spain, S.L. (100%)|Baran Chile SPA (100%)|Nes-Pan HarbourFront Inc. Canada (100%)|NES PAN Lakeshore Inc. Canada (100%)|Qualyfone S.A. Arganitina (100%)|Kal Binyan Kenya International Limited (100%)|Inteem software Systems Ltd. (50%).


Mekorot, Israel’s National Water company

Clients include: Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd., EON Engineering GmbH, Israel Electric Company Ltd, EMG, Noble Energy, Ashdod Oil Refineries, and IPP Delek.

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