Barad Earth Development & Road Worksברעד חברה לעבודות עפר פיתוח וכבישים בע"מ

Head office: 34 Jaffa St. Jerusalem 94222, Israel Tel.: +972-2-6221823

A private Israeli construction company.

One of the contractors chosen to construct the infrastructure of the Seam Line expanse (an area of the West Bank annexed to Israel by the Separation Wall) by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Also involved in the construction of a housing project in the settlement of Har Adar in the occupied West Bank.


Main Shareholders: Kushi Barashi Holdings (72.8%), owned by Ya’akov and Rachel Barashi.


Subsidiaries: Barad (USA), Barad Investments (Israel), Barad Assets and Investments (Israel), (15%) Casino (Romania), Decisive (UK), (50%) Horizon Development (UK), (50%) Account (Israel), (50%) Exbar (Israel), (10%) Negev Ye’enim (Israel).

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