Ban Otsar HaHayal branch | Ariel Settlement | Sep 2010 | Photographed by Who Profits

A commercial bank.

The bank provides loans and financial services to local and regional authorities of settlements and to Israeli businesses operating in the occupied territory: a loan of NIS 670,000 to Alfei Menashe Local Council provided in September 2014 and a bank gurantee of NIS 100,000 to Kedumim Local Council provided in November 2012. 

In addition, the bank issued a 1 million USD loan to the settlement of Alfei Menashe in 2009, the loan was given for the duration of 10 years; Otzar Hahayal bank manages loan accounts for the settlements of Kdumim and Karney Shomron; The bank manages the education funds of Ma'ale Efraim settlement; The bank manages the account of Katzerin in the Golan Heights; The bank operates an account for the Har Adar settlement.

Otsar Hahayal bank operates a branch in the settlement of Ariel, in addition to 12 branches in Israeli military camps inside the Green Line. 

The bank also provided financial support for 24 housing units' construction projects in the settlement of Ariel, executed by Ben Ayun Nimrodi construction company.

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