B.G. Ilanit Gates and Urban Elementsב.ג. אילנית שערים ואלמנטים אורבניים

Head office: Mevo Horon Industrial Zone P.O.Box 392 D.N. Shimshon 99765, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-3-5500465 www.bgilanit.com

A manufacturer and provider of perimeter security products including: security gates, bollards, biometric access control systems and undercar scanners. The company is located in the Mevo Horon industrial zone, an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Upon request of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the company developed custom-made anti-ramming products (security gates) for Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. The company’s specialized active spike systems and automatic anti-ramming bollards were installed in various checkpoints as part of the apparatus of the Separation Wall in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Gates by the company are found in the Jubara checkpoint, Al-Jib checkpoint, Ofer military base and prison for political prisoners, Rihan (Bartaa), Qalandiya and Karni checkpoints, and the Separation Wall in the vicinity of Alfei Menashe settlement and near the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.

The company is a supplier of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Land Crossing Authority (checkpoints authority) and the Israeli Prison Service.


Owned by Daniel Doron, Shai Natach and Alis Ze’ev.


The company operates a factory in Ahmedabad, India, through its fully owned subsidiary – BGI Engitech Pvt.

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