Amy Metom Engineers and Consultantsאמי מתום מהנדסים ויועצים

Head office: 3 Yavne St., Haifa 33041, Israel Tel: +972-4-8681111 | Jerusalem office: 5 Smolenskin St., Jerusalem 92101, Israel, Tel.: +972-5638989 |

A private Israeli engineering consultancy firm specializing in infrastructure engineering, design and project management.

The company is the main planner for the Tel Aviv Jerusalem fast train (known as the A1 route) which crosses into the occupied West Bank in two areas. The company planned sections B, C and D of the Tel Aviv Jerusalem fast train. The three sections include 20 sq.m of tunnels and are located between the Latrun intersection and the International Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma) in Giv’at Ram in Jerusalem.

Along with Obermeyes Construction Management company (based in Germany), Amy-Metom is the head planner of the “Green Line” of the Jerusalem light rail, which will connect the settlement neighborhoods of Gilo, Talpiot East and Mount Scopus with the western part of the city and with one another.

The company is also responsible for planning and developing new bus lines in Jerusalem in accordance with the new infrastructure projects for the light rail. The new bus lines include over thirteen stations located in occupied East Jerusalem: stations in the French Hill settlement neighborhood, a station next to the Dan hotel in northern East Jerusalem and nine stations in the Gilo settlement neighborhood.

The company also provided planning services for a transportation plan in the settlement of Modi’in Illit and planned roads near Afic, a settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan. Additionally, the company developed a project for the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing in several settlements in the Syrian Golan including Ortal, Bnei Yehuda, Hispin and Katzrin.

In 2012 the company planned a section of Route 1 that connects Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Route 1 crosses the green line and connects illegal settlements beyond the green line to Israeli cities within it.


The company is privately owned by Dov Blau, Nir Shalaf, Michael Leonov, Ben-EliEzer Ilan BaNe’manut, Amy-Metom Engineers and Consultants Ltd. and Eitam Civil Engineering Ltd.

The projects of Amy-Metom Company is managed by Eitam Project Management Ltd.
Eitam Civil Engineering Ltd. is a privately owned by Tuval Chak, lyndia Yehuda, Tamir Ron, Leonov Micka, Goldraich Menahem and by Eitam Civil Engineering Ltd.

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