Ahdut Factory for Tehina Halva and Sweets (Ahdut - Achva)
אחוה - אחדות

Head office: 39 Yasmin St, Ariel 44837, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972-39068020 www.halva.co.il

Industrial Zone
Global Presence

A private Israeli manufacturer of sesame products: tahini, halva and sweets.

The company’s main production and logistics facilities are located in Ariel West IZ, a settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. Ariel West IZ is located on the lands of the Palestinian village of Salfit.

The company operates a baked goods factory and a logistics center which take up 8,000 square meters in Ariel West. In 2017, the company began construction of a second factory in Ariel, at an estimated cost of 25 million NIS, to be financed using company equity capital. According to the company, the new factory would double the current factory’s production capacity.

The company also operated a factory in Barkan IZ, a nearby settlement industrial zone. In 2017, the company announced its intention to relocate the Barkan factory to Ariel West IZ.

Company products do not indicate the location of Ahdut’s production sites in the occupied Palestinian territory. Products documented in Hamburg, Germany in 2014 listed addresses within the Green Line (one in Ness Ziona and one in Tel Aviv). The phone number listed, however, is the number associated with the factory in Ariel West.

The company is an authorized supplier of the Israeli military.


The company is owned by Yaakov and Tzipora Mal’ach through their holdings in Achdut Achva Holdings.

CEO: Yaakov Mal’ach


Achdut Achva Holdings also fully owns Achdut Achva (Z.Y.M) Property (2007) and Achdut Achva Property (2004).


Company products are sold by Sainsbury’s (UK), KosherFamily.com (USA)

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