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1- Altice International

Altice international is a multinational group specializing in telecoms, content, media, entertainment, and advertising headquarter...

2- Boneich Construction Development & Investments
בונייך בנייה פיתוח והשקעות בע"מ

A private Israeli construction, development and investments company. The company is involved in numerous construction projects in ...

3- Hot Mobile (formerly: Mirs Communications)
(הוט מובייל (לשעבר מירס תקשורת

An Israeli provider of wireless cellular communication services. Since 2002, Hot Mobile (formerly MIRS), holds an ICA permit to...

4- Mishkan Eliyahu Construction and Investment Company
משכן אליהו חברה לבנייה והשקעות

A private Israeli development and construction company. Mishkan Eliyahu builds housing and commercial projects in settlements i...