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1- Contact International (Kalia Israel Ammunition Co.)
קונטקט אינטרנשיונל - קליע ישראל

Supplier of new and used military equipment, including arms, ammunition, weapon spare parts, personal equipment, armored...

2- G1 Secure Solutions (formerly G4S Israel)
ג'י וואן פתרונות אבטחה בע"מ

A publicly traded Israeli provider of human security and electronic security services and technologies. The company was formerl...

3- Minrav Group
קבוצת מנרב

A group of companies specializing in construction and engineering services, managed by the publicly traded Israeli company Minrav ...

4- Salit HaAdumim Quarry & Stone Processing Plant
סלעית האדומים מחצבה ומפעל לעיבוד אבן

A private Israeli company that manufactures construction materials and executes infrastructure and construction projects. The c...

5- Taavura Holdings
תעבורה אחזקות

A large Israeli road haulage and logistics company. The group engages in various types of road haulage, earth moving and mining, c...

6- Zakai Agricultural Know-how and Inputs
זכאי ידע ותשומות חקלאיות

Producers of plants, equipment for plant nurseries and agricultural technology. The company is located in the industrial zone o...