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1- C. Mer Group
ח.מר תעשיות בע"מ

An integrator in the areas of communications and security. The Group offers a wide range of technology-based solutions and end-to-...

2- Hitachi

A publicly traded Japanese electronics corporation operating in the fields of infrastructure, medical and industrial equipment, co...

3- Ineco

Ineco is a Spanish infrastructure engineering and consultancy company providing services for the management of transport systems i...

4- Marom Tuval – Consulting, Management and Investments LTD
מרום תובל - יעוץ ניהול השקעות בע"מ

A civil engineering company that manages railways, road and underground transport infrastructure projects. The company specializes...

5- Ness A.T
נס א.ט. בע"מ

A private Israeli information systems and technology services company. According to its website, the company provides homeland ...

6- Orad
אורד בע"מ

A Public Israeli company, Provider of integration services for security, safety & Homeland Security such as Intruder Movement ...

7- P.L.H. Lighting Engineering
פ.ל.ה הנדסת תאורה

A private Israeli manufacturer of street lighting poles and antenna poles for communication infrastructure. The company has pro...

8- Pelephone Communications
פלאפון תקשורת בע"מ

Pelephone is an Israeli provider of cellular and communication services. The company has a license for providing cellular servi...

9- Top Sky Line Engineering Systems
טופ סקיי ליין מערכות הנדסה

A private Israeli company operating in electronic homeland security, surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and pr...

10- Union Motors
יוניון מוטורס

An automotive retailer and the sole distributor of Toyota Motor Corporation in the Israeli market. The Toyota Hilux m...

11- Yaaz Construction & Development
י.ע.ז חברה לבניה ופיתוח

An Israeli construction and development company. The company has been contracted by the Jerusalem Municipality for demolitions....