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41 Sarfati Simon Ltd.
צרפתי שמעון בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and development company that executes residential, commercial and leisure projects. Sarfati Simo...
42 Shachar and Co. Building and Engineering Company Ltd.
שחר שות', חברה להנדסה אזרחית, בניה ותשתיות בע"מ
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A private Israeli development and construction company headquartered in the settlement neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev, occupied ...
43 Shlomo Cohen Construction Company
שלמה כהן חברה לבניין
Private Israel A private construction company. The company is currently involved in the construction of a new housing project in the settlemen...
44 Shoham Engineering and Development
שוהם הנדסה ופיתוח
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in civil engineering, construction and infrastructure and development work. In February ...
45 Super Pharm (Israel)
סופר פארם
Private Israel An Israeli drug store chain. The company operates branches in the settlement of Maaleh Adumim in the occupied West Bank, and th...
46 Tahal Group International
קבוצת תהל
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel, Netherlands A multinational engineering company specializing in water and waste-water systems. Tahal Group International was contracted to ...
47 The Metrontario Group
Private Canada A private Canadian corporation with investments in the fields of real estate, environmental development, nuclear medicine, marine ...
48 Umm Brothers Construction Works Investment and Development Company
אחים אום חברה לעבודות בנין השקעות ופיתוח
Private Israel An Israeli owned construction and development company. Umm Brothers is a construction and development company. The company cons...
49 Z.M.H. Hammerman
צ.מ.ח. המרמן
TASE Israel A public Israeli construction and real estate company. The company is involved in the construction of 130 apartments and a comm...