Tshuva Research

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תשובה חקירות

A private Israeli investigation company.

In 2018 the company won a tender in a total amount of NIS 250,000 with the Central Unit for Enforcement and Investigations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Central Unit for Enforcement and Investigations was established following the agricultural agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) in order to monitor the transfer of agricultural produce from the PA to Israel. The investigation services include investigations located mainly in the Occupied West Bank.

In July 2016, the company, alongside with the companies Human Safety Company for Accidents Investigation & Prevention and Moran Investigations, won a tender with the Israeli National Insurance (Israel's national social security agency) for investigation services in Jerusalem, Jerusalem surrounding area, the Occupied West Bank and investigations for specific population groups. The tender is for a period of two years with three extension options, each extension option is for one year.

The investigation services focus in examining the residency issue, i.e proof of residence and center of life of claimants to the National Insurance, as well as providing services to questions and issues that will be referred by National Insurance to the investigation company. Investigations services will include active covert tracking, covert video camera documenting, covert recording, covert interrogation locating residential address and other relevant documents. Additionally, the investigator must assist in any legal procedure required by the National Insurance related to the residency investigations. According to the tender, the amount of the investigation cases required by National Insurance range between 800 and 900 cases.

In previous years the company provided services to the Israeli Police and the Ministry on Interior.