N. Jan

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A private Israeli company which provides logistical solutions and systems for the operation of borders. The company operates 15 sites and locations of "strategic-security" to Israel.

The company provides logistical services (such us the loading, unloading and transportation of cargo) at the Kerem Shalom Crossing border besieging Gaza. The company also operates on the Palestinian side of the crossing.

It also provides services to the Tarqumia checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.

The company operates cargo terminals in the Jordan River Border Crossing and the Allenby Bridge Crossing located near the city of Jericho and the only crossing through which Palestinian from the West Bank and East Jerusalem can travel internaitonally.  Both crossings opperated by Israel.  It also oprates cargo terminals in Nitzana Crossing (between Israel and Egypt) and the Wadi Araba Border (between Israel, Jordan and Aqaba). The company also employes security presonell to guard its equipments on site.