IDS – Integrated Detection Systems

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מערכות התראה אינטגרליות

A private Israeli company specializing in perimeter intrusion detection systems for strategic facilities.

In 2014, the company carried out a project in the settlement of Bat Ayin in the West Bank. The project entailed the construction of a patrol road and a perimeter electronic fence.

In 2013, the company provided a security perimeter fence for the Israeli-Egyptian border.

The company was contracted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense in 2008 to provide an electronic fence system in the framework of a turn-key project. The order entailed a one year warrantee and an additional nine-year maintenance period. A 2017 order for the maintenance of IDS’ security fence system totaled 430,436 NIS.

The company won a 2008 Israel Prison Service (IPS) tender for the provision of perimeter security systems to IPS facilities. Since 2013, the contract has been renewed without a tender on an annual basis, on the grounds that the systems are unique to the company and it is the only entity with the knowledge and equipment needed to maintain it. The contract was most recently extended in August 2019 for the total amount of 150,000 NIS for the period of 1.3.2020-31.12.2020, with maintenance until 28.2.2021.

IDS’ professional team is comprised of former senior officials in the Israeli military and intelligence bodies. The company was previously headed by Israel’s former military chief of staff, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak.