Actuonix Motion Devices

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Based in Canada, the company provides micro motion solutions for robotics, aerospace, automotive, medical and radio control industries.

Actuonix devices were documented being used by the Israeli military during attacks on unarmed civilian protestors in Gaza during the Great March of Return, which began on 30 March 2018. During its repression of the March, the Israeli military introduced a new tear gas drone. The drone, Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) Matrice 600, was redesigned by Israeli Border Police, which substituted the camera in a tear-gas shooting device, connected to the DJI drone by an Actuonix system.

Every week since March 30, 2018, the Israeli military has been using lethal and other excessive force, which has resulted to date in the killing of more than 86 protesters who did not pose any threat to human life, and injury of more than 11,000.

Different campaigns have been launched against the company's involvement with the Israeli forces in these human rights violations. The company responded through its Twitter account, stating that it sells its actuators globally through a network of distributors and it cannot control where they end up after leaving the company's facility.