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מהדרין בע"מ

Mehadrin is Israel’s largest grower and exporter of citrus, avocado, dates, and other fruits and vegetables.

The company is a global supplier of the Jaffa brand.

The company operates a packing house for grapes in the settlement of Beka’ot in the occupied Jordan Valley and a crop in Messua settlement. Mehadrin packages were found in Tomer and Na’aran settlements’ packing houses in the occupied Jordan Valley. The company also stores produce in Habik’a cooling in Netiv Hagdud settlement. Mehadrin owns a packing house for mangoes in the occupied Golan Heights through its subsidiary Miriam Shoham (50%).

In 2022, Jerusalem24 and Danish investigative media Danwatch, documented evidence that Mehadrin exports dates produced in Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley to Europe.

The company’s subsidiary, Miriam Shoham, operates a packaging facility and Mango plantation in the settlement of Ramot, in the occupied Syrain Golan.

Exploitation of Labor

The company employs hundreds of Palestinian harvest workers from the occupied West Bank West Bank. According to the company's annual report, they cost the company less than Israeli workers, who receive a higher salary.

For more on Palestinian workers in the Israeli economy see Who Profits’ Flash report: Exploited and Essential: Palestinian Labour under Covid-19.

About 15% of the total fruit marketed by the group is to the UK; about 4% to Italy; about 6% to the Far East, mainly China, South Korea, Japan; about 3% to Russia. Company product are marketed in Europe through Tesco, Fruttilal, Amt Ltd., Albert Heijn, COSTCO retail chains.