Yamit Filtration and Water Treatment (Formerly: Yamit E.L.I.)

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ימית סינון וטיפול במים

The company provides filtration solutions, serving engineering firms, industrial corporations and governments worldwide.

The company operates a plant in Nitzanei Shalom industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.

The company employs around 75 Palestinian workers from Tulkarem area. In 2020 and 2021, the workers went on a strike to struggle against the exploitative working conditions in the plant, as those who have been working in the factory for over 20 years are still getting paid minimum wage despite their seniority, and workers are denied basic rights, such as pension funds and convalescence fees. All of which is in violation of their rights under Israeli labour law and violate international labour regulations. In a letter to the representative of Ma'an- Workers` Association, the president of the factory stated that "the land of Israel belongs to the Israeli people, and [he] won't allow a Palestinian worker to be attached to the state of Israel in any way possible".