Neetuv Management and Development Co.

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ניתוב חברה לניהול ופיתוח

The company is based in Barkan Settlement IZ and is a certified supplier to the Israeli police and the military.

The company was sued by members of its Palestinian work force for exploitative working conditions. They demanded that the company pays them a minimum wage salary and grant them social benefits as stipulated in Israeli law.

In 2007 the Israeli High Court ruled that relations between Palestinian workers (in the settlements and Israel) and Israeli employers should be governed by Israeli labor laws. However, conditions on the ground remain highly exploitative. According to the ILO, the application of the 2007 High Court ruling “remains limited, as only certain aspects, such as the minimum wage, have been extended through military orders”.[1]

[1] International Labour Organization, “The Situation of Arab Workers in the Occupied Territory,” 2018.